Endocrine system of human body health and social care essay

These life processes include growth and development, reproduction, immunity the body's ability to resist diseaseand homeostasis the body's ability to maintain the balance of its internal functions. For ecotoxicological assessments the key considerations include specificity and potency, but also extend to the consideration of population relevance and negligible exposure.

The Influence of the Nervous System on Human Behavior

It was also noted that the women who had experienced a great deal of joy and happiness in their lives also had a higher survival rate. Homeostasis is an important characteristic of living things. Each target cell has receptors on its membrane or inside of it to which a particular hormone can attach or bind.

They prepare the body for emergencies—"flight-or-fight" situations—by increasing heart rate, blood pressureblood flow to the muscles, and other such processes. It is a vital process for all life forms — not just humans. Unfortunately, our review uncovered substantial flaws in the approach taken and the conclusions that were drawn.

Those that excrete substances for elimination are called exocrine glands exo means "outside". It is therefore important to monitor the system's workings and seek appropriate treatment if a disorder begins to develop.

You will take levothyroxinea thyroid hormone medicine that is identical to a hormone the thyroid normally makes. Forty-eight international experts met in early February to discuss whether the environmental risks posed by endocrine-disrupting substances EDS can be reliably assessed.

Actions of the thyroid gland Thyroxine, the major hormone secreted by the thyroid follicles, is often considered to be the body's major metabolic hormone.

Otherwise, galactose can build up in the system and damage the body's cells and organs, leading to blindness, severe intellectual disability, growth deficiency, and even death.

Third, trends in disease incidence or prevalence are discussed without regard to known causes or risk factors; endocrine disruption is implicated as the reason for such trends in the absence of evidence. Because the internal and external environments of a cell are constantly changing, adjustments must be made continuously to stay at or near the set point the normal level or range.

Sometimes the gland is destroyed in the process. Although GLP is not designed to establish relative merit, it is an internationally accepted quality assurance, quality control method for documenting experimental conduct and data. Download as a PDF. A decrease in blood pressure or volume, a decrease in the sodium salt level in blood, and an increase in the potassium level in blood all stimulate the secretion of aldosterone.

This is important when the body is trying to adapt to cold temperatures.

Physiological Principles For Health & Social Care

It also produces its own hormones: If hypothyroidism occurs in early childhood, the condition is known as cretinism.

For example, if you are experiencing fear, anger or other emotions that may increase your stress level, then these unsettling thoughts are picked up by the brain.

Very little thymus tissue is found in adults. Alcohol and certain drugs, however, inhibit the secretion of ADH. The argument that thresholds cannot be proved empirically is mathematically correct, but practically irrelevant for HI and risk assessment. Similarly, the potential for effects to be manifest in subsequent generations multigenerational effects has also been raised as a potential issue in the derivation of appropriate endpoints for EDS.

Both ADH and oxytocin are stored in the posterior pituitary gland until the hypothalamus sends nerve signals to the pituitary to release them. The endocrine system of a person with diabetes has difficulty maintaining the correct blood glucose level.

Human Body Systems: Facts

Without health, we cannot do any work and we cannot improve in life. Browne P et al. Endocrine disrupting substances can have specific and profound effects when exposure occurs during sensitive windows of the life cycle development, reproduction.

Carl Simonton and Stephanie Matthews- Simonton, authors of Getting Well Again, encourage their cancer patients to visualize their cancer as broken up hamburger meat and their white blood cells as dogs devouring the hamburger.

Early diagnosis and dietary restriction of the amino acid can prevent or lessen the severity of these complications.

Essay on your Health

Current ecotoxicity test methods incorporate mostly apical endpoints although some also include mechanistic endpoints, subcellular-through-organ level, which can help establish an endocrine MoA.The endocrine system is a chemical messenger system consisting of hormones, the group of glands of an organism that carry those hormones directly into the circulatory system to be carried towards distant target organs, and the.

The major glands that make up the human endocrine system are the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals, pineal body, the pancreas, and the. May 05,  · The endocrine system is a very important part of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Knowing and understanding how this system operates and what contributes to its failures can be helpful in understanding how the body contributes to overall health and wellness.

Lab 28B: Endocrine System Physiology Computer Simulation Introduction The endocrine system is the second greatest control system of the body and has many effects on the tissues and organs/5(1).

Endocrine System Physiology

The endocrine system works with the nervous system and the immune system to help our body cope with different events and stresses. Excesses or deficits of hormones can lead to obesity and, on the other hand, obesity can lead to changes in hormones. “Efforts directed toward instituting more culturally relevant health care enrich the physician-patient relationship and improve patient rapport, adherence, and outcomes,” the authors state.

Cultural beliefs are also reflected in a society’s health care system.

Endocrine system of human body health and social care essay
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