Genetic disorders beta thalassemia essay

Thalassemia is categorized into two types, major and minor. I now can ensure that youngest son will go on to raising his very own happy healthy children. There is no study so far to present the prevalence of silent cerebral infarction from India.

If Thalassemia A is detected in utero, a technique which allows in utero blood transfusions to be performed may save the life of the unborn baby. The process takes eight to twelve hours and is done five to seven nights a week.

Data on the incidence of thrombotic events in NTDT patients is limited The genes are produced on different chromosomes which in turn produce two different pairs of proteins, alpha globin and beta globin.

Thalassemia Disorders Essay Sample

NTDT patients have higher levels of procoagulant microparticles of red blood cell, leukocytic, and endothelial origins compared to controls Direct sampling from the body tissue helps measure the iron overload. The effect of this imbalance in globin chain synthesis leads to ineffective erythropoiesis and hemolysis Patients on treatment with anticoagulant therapy 7.

To evaluate the association of possible risk factors in literature in Indian children and adolescent and find out the possible interventions that can be planned to facilitate management. Diagnosed patient of non-transfusion dependent thalassemia.

Patients with NTDT have chronically activated platelets and enhanced platelet aggregation, as confirmed by the increased expression of in vivo platelet activation markers CD62P P-selectin and CD This reiterates the fact that chronic anemia predisposes the patient to develop silent stroke.

Exact bone marrow donors are needed for this procedure. Hemoglobin production involves two sets of genes. This is caused by red blood cells that have been destroyed prematurely.

The disorder that causes me mild anemia was passed from my paternal grandmother, to my father, to me and my youngest son. This study is intended to estimate the prevalence of this peculiar complication in non-transfusion dependent thalassemia.

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Individuals suffering from the major form, tend to need frequent blood transfusions in order to survive. There is an urgent need to establish the prevalence of this complication in NTDT in this part of the globe, so as to generate a proper management protocol. The study showed a Both the following criteria should be satisfied for inclusion in the study.

Another cause for clinical symptoms is secondary to iron overloading in these patients. This combination will cause an intermediate form of hemolytic anemia. It is more common in Asians, Cambodians,Laos and the people of Thailand. Children with silent cerebral infarct have lower cognitive test scores when compared to children with a normal MRI of the brain.

Thalassemia Disorders Essay Sample

It appears that Thalassemia arose in the areas of the world where Malaria was an epidemic. When an MCV indicates numbers greater than eighty, the individual does not carry trait. NTDT is diagnosed when patients fulfilled at least two of the following criteria Oral deferasirox and deferiprone were consumed by 3 8.

Thalassemic red blood cells with such negatively charged phospholipids increase thrombin generation. These silent strokes usually present with no obvious clinical features, but they have been proposed to have long term neurocognitive side effects, which can have damaging consequences to cognitive function as overt stroke6.

Oral deferasirox and deferiprone were consumed by 3 8. These children will have growth failure, bone deformities, hepatosplendomegaly enlargement of the liver and spleen and are jaundice.Beta thalassemia is a genetic disorder in which the gene for the production of beta globin chain is defective.

The name thalassemia is derived from a combination of two Greek words: thalassa meaning the sea, i.e. the Mediterranean, and anaemia (“weak blood”). The coinheritance of alpha-thalassemia has this effect, and, because there are numerous different molecular forms of alpha-thalassemia of different severity, this interaction provides further scope for a wide range of different beta thalassemia phenotypes Thalassemia Disorders Essay Sample.

It is a genetic disorder that is recessive; therefore both parents must be carriers to pass on the disorder in its major form.

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E-Beta Thalassemia is caused by one beta globin mutation and hemoglobin E causing a structural alteration in the globin chain. This combination will cause an intermediate. Thalassemia Disorders Essay Sample.

At age eleven, I remember my doctor announcing that I had B thalassemia trait minor and I was a carrier. It did not strike me as hard as it did when I found out that a friend’s aunt has recently passed away from being defeated by B Thalassemia Major.

This free Health essay on Thalassemia is perfect for Health students to use as an example. from the increased production of ”-globin chains by a triplicated or quadruplicated alpha genotype associated with beta-heterozygosity9.

In NTDT, the genetic basis for phenotypic diversity is best explained in terms of primary, secondary. BETA THALASSAEAMIA Beta-thalassemia is known as one of the most common autosomal recessive disorders around the world (Coa et al, ). This condition is seen the most in populations of Central Asia, Mediterranean, Far East Indian subcontinent and populations of African descent.

Genetic disorders beta thalassemia essay
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