Literature review of digital marketing

The usage of these apps is increasing day by day. The advent of open economy and globalization has opened the sphere for the marketer to operate in any part of the world. The Bitcoin operates in the manner as the ATM that includes a string of numbers or letters attached in a particular fashion.

In fact there have been situations when the rise and fall of the value of the currency has been evident. What is a pdf of lotus biology of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in This would reduce the rate of corruption and the ill practices that became very relevant in the society.

This could even save energy that are required for the production of the currency used in the market in the recent scenario. The miners using the currency find it very useful because it does not require any kind of specialized form to make it a currency.

In fact, one of the strategic plans of the companies have been to expand their business in a global sphere.

Literature Review Online Marketing | Literature Review on Digital Marketing

The section introduces the facts what have already been researched in order to well support the proposed topic of th e present study. What type of literature review am I conducting?

How to do literature review for marketing?( Serious answers only)?

With better strategic plan and implementation of certain promotional and advertising efforts the companies are capturing the market where they expanded and in some instances they are becoming dominant towards the other available companies in the same market.

BitCoin meets Google Trends and Wikipedia: People nowadays extensively use social media, email and they come across a number of websites everyday for their personal purpose. These apps have indeed made life much easier and simpler.

National Bureau of Economic Research. It is also going to discuss how marketing has a huge impact in attracting customers and thereby developing the context of any business organization.

36 Books on Digital Marketing

Occasionally you will be asked to write one as a separate assignment sometimes in the form of an annotated bibliography--see the bottom of the next pagebut more often it is part of the introduction to an essay, research report, or thesis. In order to execute sales promotion and expect customer attraction, the companies need to arrange attractive prizes and convenient discounts.

How good was my information seeking? However, the same concept was not very true and in fact arguments were made by Miller et al.Part of theAdvertising and Promotion Management Commons,Marketing Commons,Public Relations and Advertising Commons, and theTechnology and Innovation Commons This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by Marshall Digital Scholar.

Oct 30,  · Best Answer: A literature review is an account of what has been published on a topic by accredited scholars and researchers.

Occasionally you will be asked to write one as a separate assignment (sometimes in the form of an annotated bibliography--see the bottom of the next page), but more often it is part Status: Resolved.

confused and the link between innovation and business performance remains to be proven. This literature review reports the first stage of an extensive study into the relationships between innovativeness, business performance and innovative capacity of firms.

13 CHAPTER 2: REVIEW OF LITERATURE Introduction This chapter consists of review of literature related with influence of online marketing on consumers and. Marketing Literature Review This section is based on a selection of articie abstracts from a compre-hensive business literature database.

Marketing-related abstracts from over journals (both academic and trade) are reviewed by JM staff. Descriptors for each eritry are assigned byM staff. Each issue of this sec.

literature, and in doing so hopes to spur new, relevant research. This review is based on articles published in between January and September in the four leading consumer research journals: Journal of Consumer Research (JCR), Journal of Consumer Psychology (JCP), Journal of Marketing (JM), and Journal of Marketing Research (JMR).

Literature review of digital marketing
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