Mass effect 2 geth heretics re write a sentence

The Ancients did refrain from using it because of moral objections, and decided to flee instead; given the trouble caused by the continued existence of the Ori, this was a seriously neglectful act.

To kill the heretics or not to kill them. That IS the question?

They were designed as VIsas advanced as possible while remaining non-sentient. To gain an understanding of Reaper technology, the unique mobile platform was sent to a derelict Reaper. They are a small, radical group of geth who worship a hyper-advanced but long-vanished machine race called the Reaperswhom they see as the pinnacle of non-organic evolution.

One ahead to the left in the alcove; the second is in an alcove next to the exit door. I'm not denying the possibility of them helping in ME3, but the risk is far higher imho.

In fact, it's apparently all connected; Angelina resorted to committing crimes for the sake of becoming beautiful, and eventually came to associate the act of crime with the joy of becoming beautiful. If peace was made with the quarians, it is revealed that the geth are able to coexist with them on Rannoch.

Legion: A House Divided

And since the normal geth seem inclined to oppose the Reapers, it's not an unreasonable assumption that both the geth and the now-rewritten, once-heretics would help you in the war.

It's stated this doesn't save them, however-the state still kills all dissidents, but only after they're brainwashed to confess everything. They join the 'good' geth and hopefully they'll help us fight the Reapers.

Heretic Station

If both quarians and geth were spared from their mutual destruction and Shepard merged organic and synthetic life, the two races will be seen side by side.

He uses a desperate wide-scale Jedi Mind Trick to undo the Imperial brainwashing, leaving it a base full of people who were confused and didn't know who or where they were-he couldn't restore the memories that had been lost-but didn't think and act as appendages of the Big Bad anymore.

This room contains a storage room of sorts and has little cover. In the next book Luke Skywalker pulls off a much kinder example on a base full of people who'd undergone similar brainwashing. Shepard manages to escape despite this, and the geth are now at a disadvantage. More importantly, deceit, manipulation and lying are impossible among the geth.

When they eventually find out, they decide to look at the incident as being given a second chance at a good life, and thanks the good guys not only for coming up with this plan, but also for accepting them into their group of friends and trusting them regardless of their origins.

You are all murderers! The Master has some choice words for all of them when he realizes what's going to and has already happen to him: When they wake up, they are taught anew to be good.

In an instance where the title itself is a spoiler, Alfred Bester's The Demolished Man refers to a future America's use of a punishment along these lines.

Wallace prides himself on his "humane" service and refuses to kill the rabbits he catches, but he's also running out of space for their cages, so this trope is his attempt at taking a third option - "brainwash the bunnies" to get rid of their veg-eating desires.Mar 02,  · Mass Effect 2 - Legion about the Geth and N7 Armor, there was a hole - Duration: Captain Hal JoJo 88, views.

And some of the geth might really like you more for rewriting the heretics instead of destroying them.

Mass effect 2 rewrite or destroy the heretics?

Legion did say that (i think) of his programs favor rewrite and (i think) favor destruction. Heretic Station, as Legion refers to it, is home to a geth data core, capable of broadcasting vast distances through tightbeam projection.

Approximately million copies of geth software are stored in the station, the majority of which are kept bodiless in servers and downloaded to.

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Mass Effect 1 Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3 Andromeda News Articles Tweets Videos Fanart Cosplay Show & Tell Humor Discussion Theory On the subject of rewriting/destroying the Geth (palmolive2day.comfect) giving them no chance to rethink or re-evaluate what they've done.

If you re-write them, you're giving them a second chance. May 22,  · If you rewrite the Geth heretics they have a war asset rating of in Mass Effect 3 and the Quarians have a war asset rating of If you destroy them, they have a war asset rating of and the Quarians have a war asset rating of Status: Resolved.

May 23,  · Best Answer: You get 2 "points" towards the "peace" option for the whole geth/quarian thing if you DESTROY the heretics. You need 5 minimum to get the "peace" option.

Heretic Station

If you rewrite the Geth heretics they have a war asset rating of in Mass Effect 3 and the Quarians have a Status: Resolved.

Mass effect 2 geth heretics re write a sentence
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